Our Team

Dr. Victor Horvath
Dr. Michaela Zoltan
Portrait of smiling female doctor wearing uniform standing
Dr. Anna Bali

Our Awards

Best Plastic Surgery Clinic

Award for outstanding results and leadership in the field of plastic surgery.

Best Surgeon of the Year

An honorary title for one of our leading surgeons for outstanding achievements in plastic surgery.

Order of Quality in Medicine

A mark for high standards of medical care and professionalism.

Innovation in Medical

Award for the introduction of advanced technologies and methods in patient treatment.

Our Approach

Individual Consultation

We start with a detailed consultation, during which you can share your expectations and ask any questions. Our doctors listen carefully to you to better understand your goals.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Based on information from your consultation, we develop a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs and anatomy. We strive to achieve natural and harmonious results.

Safety is a priority

At the Crimea-Med clinic, we adhere to high safety standards in surgery. Our doctors have extensive experience and follow modern protocols to ensure your maximum safety.